Best of the best. The taste of heavens. These are our first liga. Handbrewed perfection in a meticulous bottle, our first four flavours is the best of its kind.

Delicous and tasty.
Strong taste with a very lustful aftertaste.

We aim to please with our current lineup of flavours. 
We believe that you will be surprised at 
the uniqueness of our brews.

Currently, in our line of eJuice, 
we have 4 flavours from you to indulge with.

Mangle Tangle

Indulge the delightful mango taste from the east enriched with the aftertaste of granny smith.

With the sweetness and cooling that is just right, this perfect blend will entangled your taste buds that will leave you wanting for more.

Citrus Mashem

A strong and juicy tangerine on the inhale give way to a sweet and luscious bubble gum taste. With a finish that ends with a perfect balance, a touch of bubbly cooling rounds. A pleasant grape surprise at the end.

Grippin’ Bubbles

A succulent mix of fresh berries and the fluffiness of the bubblegum that definitely make you experience astonishing taste that you never imagined before. One must truly experience it to appreciate its flamboyant blend. Grippin’ enough!

Yellow Cracker

Gooey sugar peanut overtones give way to subtle hints of strawberry. The taste of strawberry filled with other types of cracker and custard taste revamps the taste of the top note. The subtle taste of cookie smoothens out the overall feeling of this juice. This is the best daily gourmet flavor that you will continuously indulge.